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Kinetic Energy Notes
Potential Energy Notes

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Here are links to the digital tools you can use to create your project

Weebly (to create your website)
Powtoon (to create a video to add to your website) (to create a poster for your website)

Below you will find resources (articles, websites etc) to use in your energy project

Don't forgot to take notes into your graphic organizer as you read!

Natural Gas

How Natural Gas Works: Union of Concerned Scientists
Cleaner Natural Gas: ChemMatters (American Chemical Society)
Coal vs. Natural Gas Quiz: National Geographic
Natural Gas Nation: National Geographic
Natural Gas Safety: National Geographic
Is Natural Gas Sustainable: National Geographic


How Coal Works: Union of Concerned Scientists
Coal and Mine Safety:Chem Matters (American Chemical Society)
Future of Coal Extraction: Chem Matters (American Chemical Society)
Coal Gasification: National Geographic
Natural Gas vs. Coal Quiz: National Geographic


Petroleum - National Geographic
How Petroleum is Refined

Multiple Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy World
-Choose from the tabs along to top that list each type of renewable source
ChemMatters (American Chemical Society) Sustainable Energy Resources
-Scroll down to a listing of articles related to each renewable energy source
How Renewable Energy Works: Union of Concerned Scientists
-Scroll down to a listing of articles related to how each type of renewable energy works


Hydropower: National Geographic


Solar Power: National Geographic


Wind Power: National Geographic


Geothermal Power: National Geographic
Geothermal Energy of Steam: National Geographic


Nuclear Power: National Geographic
How Nuclear Power Works: Union of Concerned Scientists
Fukushima Nuclear Site: National Geographic
Benefits of Nuclear Power: Chem Matters (Americal Chemical Society)

Biomass (Algae, Biofuels, Hydrogen producing bacteria etc)

Biofuels at a Crossroads: National Geographic
-Scroll down to the listing of articles related to biofuels
How Biomass Energy Works- Union of Concerned Scientists
Hydrogen Power Fuel Cell: National Geographic